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~ Direct Download Clips Guide For Windows Users ~
In order to play our direct download movie clips without any problems, you need to meet the following requirements:
1)You must have a Windows based computer (Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista or Server 2000/2003).
2)You must have a moderately decent download speed (Dial-Up / ISDN may be used in this section, but Cable / DSL or faster is recommended) to help ensure quick and complete transfers of our clips to your computer.
3)You need to be using either Internet Explorer 6/7 or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 (or higher) to browse our website. Netscape Navigator 9.0 (or higher) and Opera 9.0 (or higher) *may* work, but we cannot guarantee their full compatibility with our website as they are not officially supported by us.
4)The clips in this section are in direct download format, *not* streaming video format. You must download the clip files completely to your hard drive before attempting to play them (or you will end up getting "invalid file format" errors). You must also right click the video download links on our website and choose "save target as" (IE) or "save link as" (FF) so that you do not trigger any media players from attempting to play the clip files automatically.
5)5) You must have one of our codec packs installed in order to correctly view the video footage, hear the audio streams, and view the subtitles of our clips. We recommend that user's install the K-Lite Full Codec Pack, as it contains all of the necessary video / audio codecs, and our recommended media player (Media Player Classic) in one single installation file. This step is an *absolute requirement*, without a codec pack installed our clips will not work!

i) Video Tutorial: Introduction To Codec Packs
ii) Video Tutorial: K-Lite Full Codec Pack Installation
iii) Video Tutorial: Storm Codec Pack Installation

Please Note: If you have any problems with the K-Lite Full Codec Pack, then we recommend you install the Storm Codec Pack. We prefer our user's try the K-Lite Full Codec Pack first. Please make sure you uninstall K-Lite before attempting to install Storm, as the files contained within each pack will conflict with each other. Please DO NOT Install Both codec packs at the same time!
6)You must use the media player that is included in our Codec Packs to play our clips. This media player (known as Media Player Classic) will help ensure that the video / audio streams of our clips work will correctly, and it will also allow you to enable / disable the subtitle streams for the clip files we feature that support optional subtitles.

7)If you wish to test movie playback quickly, you may do so by downloading a few clips from our 1 Minute Clips area. The files in that section are relatively small, so you can try downloading a few of them and make sure they work properly on your computer. We strongly advise that you make sure you meet all of the requirements outlined in this list, and that you watch the video tutorials mentioned in this guide if you have any problems with any of our instructions. Happy Viewing!
8)***If you experience premature transfer disruptions / completions when downloading files from our clip archives, please install a download manager as it will help ensure the complete transfer of our files to your computer. If you have not downloaded the clip files completely to your hard drive, they will not play correctly! We recommend GetRight for our members, as it is a quality download manager. You will need to enter your login details into the download manager for it to successfully download files from our members area.

Please Note: You do not need to install a download manager if you are not having any problems downloading our files! We only recommend a download manager if our members experience prematurely interrupted / broken file transfers. Often members who do have this problem will experience "invalid file format" or "unexpected end of archive" errors when attempting to open incomplete files.
9)If you are a Mac OSX user, please refer to our Direct Download Clips Guide For Mac Users.