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  MOVIE STATISTICS  -  D+vine Luv - 02 
Mia saved Hyde's life, so he sets out to repay her kindness by searching for an elixir that will restore her health. During his search for the elixir, he meets Ghuran, the partner of the mysterious treasure-hunter, Teres.

Later, Hyde discovers that Slain, a ruthless wizard, is also after the same treasure! Teres is injured in an encounter with Slain inside the cave. Hyde and Ghuran rush her to Dr. Shizuki... As for Youra, she is still unable to recall her memories.

Will Hyde get ahead of the competition in his search for the treasure? Will he find the elixir that will help Mia? With all the chaos mounting in his life, Hyde still finds plenty of time for lusty encounters. From Priol the maid, to his sidekick Sakura, Hyde spices up his adventures with breathless, steamy sex!
Last Updated: April.12.2012 - 09:19 PM EST
File Size: 322 MB (338,581,211 bytes)
Duration: 33 Minutes 59 Seconds
Total Ratings: 0
Total Views: 1,807
Total Downloads: 10,881
Quality Rating: 8/10
Language Rating: Dual Language Audio
Censorship Rating: Uncensored
Format: H264 In An MP4 Container
Resolution: 640x480
Release Group: KH
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